Erika’s story from Berkley: It actually made them speechless

It’s a rare day that a man on Adeline doesn’t express sexual interest in me when I walk to and from work. Listening to my iPod and wearing sunglasses doesn’t dissuade them, either. Today I passed a group of about five men and every single one of them felt the need to shout something to me as I passed. It kept going until finally I stopped and turned around to face them.

Usually I’ll drop some foul language that my mother would hate and nearly start a fight. But today I think my guard was down because I am getting over a cold and simply exhausted, plus I was just overwhelmed by the tidal wave of sexually aggressive macho attitude. Instead of cussing, I said, “stop commenting on my appearance, it’s really rude.” It actually made them speechless.

I really hate that in my own neighborhood, I can’t see a man on the street without thinking to myself, “oh great, what’s he going to say?”


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  1. Elena says:

    when you say that “I can’t see a man on the street without thinking to myself, ‘oh great, what’s he going to say?’”

    that is exactly how I feel! I will try to do what you did and see if it works…usually I just ignore the guys, but it usually doesn’t stop them…

  2. eddie taylor says:

    i also read the story, i was also speechless, that was really horrible

  3. jen says:

    i think your reply was absolutely brilliant.
    i never felt that swearing back worked, but that was really classy, promoted mutual respect and it was something that would promote change for the better in the long run cause we’re getting them to actually consider the impacts of their actions. you go girl!

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