A.M.’s Story: What is kept quiet will eventually come to light

First I am a witness to these unfortunate events. I guess I was lucky in not being touched.

There was an event at an arts gallery and girls were telling me this man was inappropriately touching them.  We go to confront him and he starts yelling at my friend as we are trying to get our equipment we have in his room.  We start leave his room and starts rubbing a volunteers back in front of me. I ask him to stop he comes up to me like he’s gonna hug me and i hold a back pack in between us. He gets mad and slams the door.  Within the hour we hear about him shoving a girl and that he touched and kissed a 16 year old girl. The man locks himself in his gallery. We go to one of the other gallery owners for help and in turn he tells us this is not the first time this man has done this. They wanted to keep it quiet because they didn’t want people to think badly of the building. If we had known before hand we would have never held our event there.  We called the police, she gives her report. What I hear back from a volunteer is that since it wasn’t rape or murder the police won’t do anything. They do make the effort to come downstairs and knock on his gallery door. He doesn’t answer they leave.  After the event the arts guild we worked with are only worried about their galleries and not getting into trouble. They want the “incident” kept quiet. Some stand by this man because he’s there friend and blame his alcoholism, the police are annoyed because some girls took too long to report. They didn’t know what to do. Neither did we.  That building is supposed to host a local High School Arts program and that man that went around grabbing girls will be working with them.  I don’t know what to do anymore.


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  1. Aaron deOliveira says:

    if the police won’t do anything, are there any forms of social pressure you can exert to get him to leave?

    perhaps outing him to more of his friends. he’s shown himself to be dangerous. go back with a tape recorder and get his victims stories on film. get him if you can.

    don’t out him on facebook, that usually turns into name calling. out him to his spouse, pastor, employer, suppliers, etc.

    he’s breaking the social contract and for the time being deserves to be outed to people who can put social pressure on him to stop being a threat to you and yours.

  2. Cristie says:

    Report this to the local news stations and see if any of them want to report on it. Surely if parents see what’s going on, they’re not going to want their kids involved with this nasty jerk. Also, this behavior only escalates, so it’s only a matter of time before he uses force to get what he wants.

  3. a.m says:

    since it happened the police have yet to file the reports. we had girls finally come forward and a certain cop told one of the girls in his opinion he thinks we’re making the story up.
    he’s file the paperwork but the police won’t really do anything. went to the media, but again the police have not filed reports or returned any of our phone calls asking for copies of reports, so they can’t print anything.

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