Jeanette’s story: The fear of escalation

I was walking through London yesterday, and a man in a van shouted out, “Nice tits, love!”. I gave him the middle finger and continued walking, and he proceeded to stop his van and roll down his window and say, “Whack ’em out! Come on, babe! Whack ’em out for me!”, whilst he and his friend were laughing and making sexual gestures. I shouted at them to leave me alone, and the man who drove the van got out and proceeded to come up to me angrily. I was so scared, I was shaking. The man got right in my face and said, “I was only having a bit of fucking fun, sweetheart. No need to get rude is there?” His tone was so aggressive, I went home and cried for hours. He could have raped me. I could have been a rape victim. It’s all that keeps going through my mind.


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  1. Dilip says:

    hi jeanett,

    My name is Dilip and i live in india i have read ur story and the final part where u said that u continued to cry at home is very sad, i feel really sorry for what happened to u, but important thing is and i really appreciate the courage with which u have explained the entire experience online, iam not somebody to advise u since i live very far away from where u are and our living conditions are completely difrent from urs but the basic problem is the same no matter where we live, infact in my country the sad part is people never talk about any of these issues, what I can tell u is to be mentally strong and prepared for it before something like this hits you, may be physically the other person is very strong, and there is no 100% chance that u will be able to handle the situation alone, but surely being prepared and being carefull will help a great deal, its not just about rape which is a crime but u shud also understand there are bigger crimes which are commited every day, and the best way to prevent them is by being aware of ur surroundings, the people around u, where to luk for help if sumthing goes wrong and keep ur mind open and be ready to fight back.

    take gud care of yourself and god bless u..

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