Haley’s story: The Barking Phenominon

See, I’ve never really had it where people have shouted about how much they want to have sex with me. It’s always about how much that they DON’T want to have sex with me. One incident that comes to mind is when I was about fifteen, still living in my small town in the UK, and I was walking home from school, so I was in my uniform. There was some building work going on at an old mill, converting it into apartments, so builders were crawling all over it. Anyway, when I walked by, they all started shouting down about how I was an ugly bitch, and barking at me. I hadn’t even looked up at them or provoked them, and when I saw, they were all maybe late twenties, early thirties, old enough to have daughters of their own. I ran home crying, and when I told my dad and stepmum, they said that I just shouldn’t let it get to me. What kind of world is it when grown men can terrify teenage girls and not get into any trouble??


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  1. Teetch says:

    Haley…that was my story. I was painfully shy and had glasses in high school. I had a guy who tormented me and got his buddies to do the same during school hours. As a “aide” in the counseling office, I had to deliver passes to students all over the school. When I entered this guy’s class…he would always bark at me. In front of the teacher. I do remember teachers intervening to stop him, but it wasn’t dealt with very severely. He would do this in the hall, at football games (I was in band) and wherever he ran into me. I was so sick and anxious about it I feared to walk in the school sometimes. He never laid a hand on me…but I SHOULD have spoken up. Sometimes I feel like if I had been more of a “bitch” (in the eyes of those guys) that this would have stopped. It is very odd how powerful the gaze and words of a person can affect another…this was 30 years ago, and while I don’t suffer over this anymore…I will never forget it.

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