Eve’s Story: Coward troll creates fake account to harass

I had a strange experience just now…

I found the riot grrl harassment pamphlets to be really awesome, so I posted all of them on my Facebook account, with the “Excuse me, hi, I just wanted to let you know…” one as my profile picture.

I posted these flyers as an act of solidarity with others who have experienced verbal sexual abuse. I think it’s pretty obvious that they are not directed at all men, just those who choose to be sexist assholes.

I received this Facebook Message:

“I had to make this fake account just to let you know how incredibly offensive your profile pictures are. My respect for you as a dancer and as a person have been severely retarded.

I don’t know whether you got hurt by some asshole guy or something else, but there’s no need to be offensive to guys who do not behave that way.

Get off your high and might fucking horse.

Oh sorry forgot to mention this, don’t bother replying as I’ve obviously blocked you.”

At first I was shocked, then angry, then thought maybe he was right that it was offensive for me to post this. But…people use Facebook for lots of purposes- including championing various causes dealing with sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. The real kicker is that he made an anonymous account. What a jerk.


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  1. Katherine C. says:

    It wasn’t offensive. If it made this douchebag “feel bad,” I bet it’s because he has something to feel guilty about, and the fact that he created an annonymous account proves this.

    Also, I just posted a bunch of the Riot Grrrl fliers to my own facebook page. I’ll come back here in a few days to tell you what people said.

  2. Esteli says:

    what a terrible human. and where can i get the fliers so I can post them too! oh and you didn’t want to be friends with someone like that anyway.

  3. Shannihilator says:

    What a pathetic weak loser. Not only did he not have the guts to use his real account and stand behind his “offense”, he didn’t even have the guts to let you respond. Pathetic and sad!

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