Hoda’s Story: You’re racism is not witty

Hi, I’m a Muslim girl and proud to be. I wear the hijab (head scarf) every wear I go and I have been told several offensive comments and this is one of one of the many encounters I’ve had with an Islamaphobe.
One day me and my friend were shopping at the mall and while we were walking to the next store we were walking by a man and his girlfriend and while we passed he stared at me and said “BOOM!” and him and his girlfriend started to laugh at us but we just ignored them and continued walking. I know that isn’t nearly as bad as it gets, I’ve known people who have been physically assaulted just because they were wearing a head scarf.
I really want to but a stop to this type of harassment and that’s why I’m here.


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  1. JimJam says:

    You’re brave for wearing it in a place that can be as aggressive towards towards traditional Muslim dress-codes as America.You have no reason to be ashamed of it, that guy (not a man, obviously) and girl probably base their ignorant actions on what they pick up about Muslims from FOX and consider nudity to equal liberation. Don’t waste your time with em, keep ya head up 🙂

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