Flora’s Story: Don’t hug me, creep.

As part of a mixed sixth-form in an all boys school, I’m used to demeaning comments and harassment in the corridors by immature 14 year olds – but there’s one guy who’s in my year. He constantly hugs the girls, which is OK if you’re close friends, but he hugs really tight and slightly too long. One time he smelt me while hugging me,despite the fact that I was clearly uncomfortable and was trying to step away. In addition to this he has made incredibly inappropriate comments to my boyfriend, ranging from so-called “compliments” about my appearance to “can I join in?” and “I want to j*zz in her mouth”. That’s right, he said that to my boyfriend. Everyone was incredibly awkward and I was simply freaked out – I barely knew him! We try to avoid him from now on, though he still forces hugs on me if he does see me.


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  1. Jeanette says:

    If it is possible for you to learn even a few self-defence moves, your reaction time will increase. Then if he approaches you from the front you can “block” his advances with your arms (he can’t hug you too closely then) and if he approaches you from behind, you can drop to your knees and give him a nice elbow in a strategic place. Very effective if you practice a bit. If you have a friend who will co-operate, try practicing these ideas, they can be very effective and then the person who is harassing you will think twice about doing it to ANYONE because he won’t be able to predict their reaction and will be weary of being embarrassed or even hurt.

  2. rose says:

    Tell someone. Better yet repeatedly tell him how you HATE him and how he is HURTING you.

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