Nallely’s story: Women are much more than “containers”!


 I live in Mexico in the state of Morelos, I studied a computer science degree and my colleagues always bothered me for that, they would  say that women can not understand anything about computers. To his misfortune I was much more, they would bother me continuously every day.  Sometimes I would answer and say” I’m tired ” but I stayed strong and did not stooped to their level. What’s worse is that some teachers are equal and have come to throw me down and classifieds us as ” containers”  because they believe that women have the babies and  only serve containers and not anything else. Well then I hope that this site is helpful. Greetings to all and thank you very much!


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  1. Marie says:

    That is disgusting on their part but don’t give up. Others have also try to discourage me from my career choices (I’m also in computers) and marginalized me because of them (as well as because of my look and attitude but that’s another topic) but I keep pushing. In a way, we have to be stronger to remain true to our dreams, skills, and all the others that don’t have the courage to do so.

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