CCH’s story: Unexpected poke on the bus…Gross!!

I am an Asian-American living abroad in Rome, Italy. One evening I got poked by an exposed penis on the bus. It occurred on a very crowded bus, where it was difficult to find room to move. Unfortunately, other harassment experiences lead me to believe he “chose” me because I am not Italian. There were no less than three Italian women within groping distance. He poked my hand several times and when I realized what he was doing, I wedged my umbrella in between him and myself. He was a persistent bastard, but his penis lost a duel with my umbrella.


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  1. Lizzy says:

    I lived in Rome ten month and unfortunately I have to say that harassment ist quite normal there. It happened to me several times. I talked to my friends and all of them have had such experiences, foreign women as well as italian women. I love Rome, but the men are a shame.

  2. Enna says:

    My sister had a simllar problem being yelled at with the men. Good you had an umbrella – did you hit him hard?

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