I Wear My Clothing For Myself, Not You

I would like to keep this story general, but I have had several men working at a car dealership make inappropriate comments towards me when I walk by. This dealership happens to be on the route I enjoy walking, and I refuse to deviate my path just because they are so inclined to comment on my attire. A couple of years ago they used to ask me if I would like to exchange my heels for wheels, but eventually stopped when I complained to their manager. I may be walking by the car dealership, but that does not mean I want to buy a car there. I walk by several other car dealerships, and I have never had anyone at those scream at me.

The behavior went away for two years, and then re-emerged a few months ago. Once one of the men told me how he noticed I had new shoes, which made me feel a little uncomfortable. Women walking by a place of business do not usually feel comfortable having men comment on their shoes. A few weeks ago I had two of them screaming they liked my socks, and my hat. They also mentioned they liked my gloves and umbrella.

I suppose I could tell their supervisor, but I really do not feel like wasting my time. Lately I have just been ignoring them, but I would imagine somebody realized what was going on because the last two weeks the behavior died down. I do not respond when one or two of the men screaming hi at me from the car dealership because people do not enjoy being screamed at. I am simply walking by on a public sidewalk, and I would appreciate being left in peace. I do not scream hi at people I do not know, and I would never make comments about what they are wearing. Some things are just not appropriate.

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  1. Dara Grey says:

    Go into the dealership with some women’s clothing catalogs and ask for the manager. Give them to the manager saying “your guys are always yelling at me how much they like my shoes, hat, gloves, purses etc. I thought I ought to let them know where they can find some of their own.”

    See if it stops. 😉

  2. Mary Jane says:

    Great thoughts. When will some men realize we don’t exist merely to flatter them? One’s attire is merely a reflection of personality, sometimes an expression of how we feel and want to be seen. I call it art. We paint what we feel, and our bodies are canvas. Art is meant to be mused, not touched. Admired, not disrespected.

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