Warning: This construction site sexually harasses women

There was a construction site near my house for several months. I had been avoiding walking near it whenever possible, taking the longer route between my home and my bus stop. One day I had the *audacity* to just take the faster way home. I figured that if I just walked fast and pretended to be on the phone that I would be safe. Wrong.

Several men, both on the ground and on the building, started to yell at me. A couple of them even approached the fence to get as close as possible, making vulgar gestures and remarks.

When I got home I made this sign and posted it late at night. I used zip ties to secure it to their fence, facing the busy street in front of the construction site. They didn’t manage to get the sign down until 9am – long after all the rush hour traffic got to read my message.

On the back of the sign, I included the definition of sexual harassment and a special message for the assholes that made me feel unsafe in my own neighbourhood.

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  1. Anna Morgan says:

    What a great idea! I’ll try something like that next time my harassment is tied to a location. There is a construction site I pass by everyday, but (first time in my life), they have never yelled anything at me. But yea, you did great!

  2. Blog Tactic says:

    Clever way of getting even.

  3. krista says:

    this is amazing!

  4. B says:

    That was a great action! Good on you for standing up for yourself and all the other women walking by there daily.

  5. May says:

    That was a great idea! And it sure showed them!

  6. Ed Drain says:

    As a guy, I’m sorry that even happened to you. I’d love to see the owner of the construction company called on the carpet and either agree to give a class on sexual harassment, or face a fine (which I am sure he would pass down the line).

    Your sign was great because 1) You let them know in certain terms that their actions were NOT appreciated, and 2) They suffered a loss of face (or why would they tear the sign down) for participating in that harassment.

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