You are a frog. And with behavior like that you’ll never be a prince.

I was walking to the subway, down U Street NW, and a man stared at my chest and made kissy-noises at me. I was so disgusted, I lost my head.  I looked at him in disgust and said loudly, “Fuck you.”.  I’m sure everyone around us heard and he just kept walking.

Submitted by Lauren, Washington DC


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  1. Erik K. says:

    The Crude Oaf’s intention is to either intimidate you into silence or goad you into anger. Either reaction on your part will satisfy his goal because those reactions are a confirmation of his power over you.

    Therefore, the most effective verbal response is to refute his power with emasculating ridicule.

    In other words, instead of “Fuck You!” try “You’re acting like a toad” and move on.

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