Assault, Verbal

Another Marriage Proposal with No Ring

This dude’s a professsional menu distribution associate for the reputable Carribean Flavors Restaurant. His office is near the Bryant Park Subway entrance. I passed him this morning, hands full of heavy luggage. Refusing the handout, and motioning to my unfree hands I simply state,”No Thank You.” He irritatingly continues to try to poke menus into my forearm. Then he pursued me down a few steps of the subway entrance getting really close to my face and leaning in,”Marry me!” I put down my bag and grabbed my cell phone, he protests, “No. Why are you taking my picture? Oh oh, I see you want my picture so that you can go home and wack off to it.” Which is exactly what I am doing right now with my free hand (notice I am not on the subway, but in the privacy of my home enjoying my right to safely self pleasure) I want to thank Caribbean Flavors for serving up spicy delicious food and also my new favorite wack off material.


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Assault, Verbal

Nothing Gets Between Me and my Culottes

I was waiting on the corner of Lindbrook and Westwood near UCLA and a middle aged man tapped me on my shoulder and informed me that he was trying to tell me something. I had been busy talking with my friend so I hadn’t heard him so I asked him what he had to say.
him: “I like your culottes*. I really dig your culottes.”
* culottes are cropped pants
me: “oh thank you.”
him: “yeah. I really like your culottes. I want to get between them and your thighs
me: “what?” with a look of utter astonishment on my face.
him: “Think about that while you take your bath tonight.”
at which point the light changed and my friend and I crossed the street to get away from him. I was stunned and disturbed by that exchange. Luckily I haven’t seen him since.

written by Tru, Los Angeles CA

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On a Midnight Run for Cadbury Eggs

Hanging out the back right window on Flatbush Avenue: “Hey Baby! I’m a hustler!”

Happy Easter to you too, dude.

– Amber Posted by Picasa

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Two Fire Escape Ass-Hats

Right out my third story window…this is SO annoying.

submitted by Shana.

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Assault, Verbal

You can’t judge the harasser by the dog

Here’s another kind of street harasser who happens to harass by stopping people from entering their buildings when they come back home. This man blocked me physically, and when I tried to get around him he blocked me again. He started to shout my address and flat floor over and over again; I did not answer him. I tried to go away and I told him to let me go. After 2 or 3 minutes he let me go. I never met him before.

– Ty

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Assault, Verbal

Paws off

Last week, a dirty old man grabbed my arm and said “There’s a nice pussy.”

– Ann, New York City

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Assault, Verbal

WWASS (What would Annie Sprinkle say)?

I was waiting for the bus when five guys walked past me, talking loudly amongst themselves about my ass. It wasn’t until they turned around and came back toward me that I noticed they were carrying a camera.

“Hey! We’re asking women with fine asses what they think of porn? Do you like porn? Hey! Do you like porn?”

I gave the offending teenage boys my patented “shutdown look” (which is an effective mix of scorn and pity) and snapped this pic– notice their camera in the background. It was so satisfying to capture this assholery!

– Ann, New York City

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Poolside Manner

“I want to be your toilet paper.”

-Anonymous, London

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flashing, public masturbation

Grinnin’ Jack

This guy pulls up next to me on Western Avenue in Los Angeles.
He was grinnin’ and jackin’, jackin’ and grinnin’…


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I don’t feel so good

I was walking on 181st and St. Nick when this spring chicken of a man says something incomprehensible to me in Spanish. The look in his eye reeked of street harassment. I whipped around and asked, “What did you just say?”

He repeated, somethingsomethingsomething to I responded, “What does that mean?” According to Mr. spring chicken, “It means I think you’re pretty.”

Now ladies, I’m not fluent, but working in an office that’s 95% bilingual you pick up a few things and this young man was definitely not saying “Tu es bonita.” My friend with me is fluent in Portuguese and also couldn’t recognize what he was saying. Unfortunately for him street harassment feels the same in any language. We snapped his ass.

When asked why he did it, he said, “I just wanted to make her feel good.”

Little did he know.

– Emily, Brooklyn

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