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A Little More Than A Bad Day…

Last night was a strong competitor for the worst night of my life. I had a complete nervous breakdown, screaming at the top of my lungs, drunk, saying the most horrible things to someone I love very much. It culminated with me putting my foot through a wall and bashing my head as hard as I could into the bathroom window. I was nearly hospitalized.

Waking up this morning with a huge knot in my head and incredible fear and remorse, I decided I needed to go out to get some cigarettes. I had a couple emergency psych appointments coming up in the afternoon, and needed to get my nicotine on. On my way to the deli, some asswipe leans out of his construction van, which is parked and running, and says, “Hey Gorgeous.” Usually, I file this kind of harrasment into the least harmful category. It’s certainly better than threats, or kissing noises, or getting jacked off in your face on the subway. However, this morning, it struck me how rude, how vile, how asssumptive, how invasive it really is. I stopped in my tracks, turned right to him and said in my best Linklater voice, “FUCK OFF.” I turned around and began walking again when he said menacingly, “What did you just say?” I turned around again and said, “I SAID FUCK OFF.”

Walking to the deli I saw cars speeding to my right. I was certain he was going to pull up and shoot me. I was terrified, but the cigarettes sang a siren song. When I came out, he was still parked like before. I decided not to walk 4 blocks out of my way to avoid him, but to walk right past. Why should I have to be fucking terrified? Why? He never did shoot me, so I guess I can give him that much.

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Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 2

I approach another guy, maybe middle-aged-ish, and say as I say to everyone, “Hey there, what can I grab for you?” And Mr. Eloquence says, “No, WHERE can you grab me?”

written by Angela.

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This happened a couple weeks ago in Milwaukee, WI. I was in the mood for a good book, so I hit the library. Little did I know that I would get hit on my not one, but two guys.

I was walking down one aisle and noticed an older guy staring at me. Avoiding eye contact, I picked up a book to read the inside cover. Of course that didn’t work. He approached me and kept telling me that I looked like his friend. Ummm ok. Thanks? He then proceeded to shake my hand for what seemed like an eternity. After trying to interrogate me about my school, my hobbies, my life in Milwaukee, and my reasons for being at a library, I finally got rid of him.

Home free? Not quite. A few minutes later I walked past two guys to go into another aisle. One of the them followed me and apologized for not saying anything as I walked by because, you know, I was deeply hurt by the fact that a stranger didn’t yell something inappropriate at me IN A LIBRARY. He then asks what I was doing. I responded, “Oh you know…looking at books.” I guess it wasn’t sarcastic enough for him because he asked for my number so that we can hang out sometime. I started to tell him that I had a boyfriend, but before I could even finish, he turns around and walks away. I really should be ashamed of myself for being so rude to a random creep…

Milwaukee, WI

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I’m [not] a Crest kid!

I think that the Universe is trying to tell me something about my what my life’s work should be. All of this time I thought that it was something (ANYTHING) in the theatre, but now…

So, TheGirlfriend and I are beginning our 12 hour drive back from North Carolina (Thanksgiving with my family) and we decide to stop into a Bojangles (the most popular chicken restaurant chain in Raleigh-Durham) to pick up a couple jugs of sweet tea for the road. TheGirlfriend decides to rinse the sticky sweet off of the outside of hers and I decide to wait for her in the foyer.

That was when it happened. A man flashed his fronts at me. Or maybe the proper term is “bared“. Anyway, he came out of the main restaurant, saw me, looked me up and down once and then put his upper teeth over his bottom lip and sort of nodded at me. And then his girlfriend/wife/significant other/baby mama pushed him out of the door.

10 hours later in Pennsylvania TheGirlfriend and I stopped in a 7Eleven off of the Penn Turnpike and as I was at the front paying for my Slurpee when an older fellow walked in the door, saw me, waved and then grinned, the hugest creepiest most toothless grin I’ve ever known.

I’m gonna take this as a sign that I should look into dentistry.

written by Andrea.

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P and Me Don’t Mix

I’m Naomi, not from NYC. It’s too bad.. I’ve got lots of stories of being harassed and really want to share it. I live in Indonesia, waaayyy far from NYC. But the street harassment here is just as bad. Depends where you walk/ pass. Still, it could happen anywhere anytime. I really wish I was as brave as other girls in the Hollaback blog when I was harassed.

I was 9 years old, in the street full of small shops where suddenly a tall guy (about 20 yrs old) grabbed my bums. Nine years old!! And I was with my mom! Too afraid and embarrassed, I shut my mouth. Damn I couldn’t do anything since it was too crowded, but I knew who did it. Stupid ass tall guy with the hair looking as it’s never been washed & combed with mongrels in it!

And when I was 12 years old, I walked to a bus stop, a guy walked from across me and suddenly grabbed my right breast and walked away. I was with my girlfriends, really really embarassed, humiliated! Damn!

I’m still soooo angry when I remember all of this stuff!

When I was 17, waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up in the school’s gate, this old guy (around 50 yrs old or more) came and stood up beside me about 1.5 meters apart. I didn’t care anything about it, he didn’t do anything that would upset me. Until he suddenly did something, which I didn’t realize for about 2 minutes. I got the feeling that he’s up to something no good at all. That’s when I took a gaze at him, what I found out? He was .. you know.. playing with his “P” /*in **the public*/, standing up, and starin’ at me. I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT and ran away ASAP and hid where I found my seniors there. Once when I walked down the street with my sister at about 11 AM, Sunday, two guys riding motorcycle with black leather jackets grabbed my sister’s bum. She suddenly shouted and run after them,”Asshole! You *GO TO HELL*!!” Still, the guys were laughing at both of us. But they speed up their moto and ran away. Cowards. I was surprised. My very calm sister was actually braver than I was.

People in my city mostly mobilize themselves by motorcycles, and a lot of guys show their “P” in the public and wave the “P” while they\’re still driving the motorcycle (slowly)- to the female streetwalkers, mostly to teenage girls, while laughing and smiling jerkily. Or they would come across with cars to the houses where a lot of girls are hanging out or cleaning the yard, and ask,”Miss..” and when the girls looked at them, they will open the car\’s door, show their “P”s- and then ran away.

I really really really HATE any kinds of street harassment!! Don’t you? I think those who do that, are the brainless, witless, heartless creature who don’t respect their moms – coming out of nowhere and harassing females. Don’t they think that their moms are females? What’s in their mind? What if their beloved girls/women experience harassment?!

Thx. One day I’ll visit NYC.

written by Naomi.

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Shameless Creep

Well, this happened to me last year, but it still CREEPS me out to no end, when I think of it. When it happened, in the moment, I was in shock, and the creep-factor of it really didn’t settle in until I was driving home *ewww ewwww fucking YUCK*

So, I had stopped to get some gas, around 11pm or so. I was about an hour north from San Francisco(where I live), and I didn’t want to get stuck on the side of the road, out of gas and feeling like a dork. After I gassed up and grabbed some noshe from the gas-mart there, I called my boyfriend from my cell phone, to tell him I was home-bound, and would see him soon. I was climbing into my car, when I hear a voice behind me say:

“I want to lick your pussy.”

At first, I thought I was hearing things, but I quickly turned around in the said-direction of the
voice, just to make sure I was still sane..that COULDN’T have been what someone said, right? Unbefuckinglivable!


Standing in front of me was this skinny, creepy dude with longish hair, an oversized forest green parka(I don’t even WANT to entertain what he had in there) and baggy jeans. Leering at me, he steps into my comfort center and says again: “I want to lick your pussy.”

I stammered, “Wha? WHAT did you say?” Mind you, I am ON THE PHONE with my boyfriend and in a public place(ok, it was dark out, but well-lit)! I actually had to give this guy the cajones award of the year for even asking, but still….

Creepy dude: “I want to get in your car with you, and lick your pussy. Can I?”

I still didn’t register the temerity of this creep’s question, until my boyfriend, on the other end of the phone yells out, “Did he just ask you what I think he did? Who the fuck is that?”

Me: *Stammering* “Uh, some freak who just walked up to my car!”

*I mean, with that kind of offer, how could I refuse, right?*


I then turn to the creepy dude and say: Me: “Uh, do you realize I’m on the phone with my
boyfriend? Are you out of your fucking mind….?”

Creepy dude: *interrupting* “Please let me lick your pussy, I want to….”

Suddenly, my boyfriend starts telling me to scare him, by telling creepy dude that he’s right down the street, and he’s on the way. Before my boyfriend could get the rest of his instructions out, I switch into protection-mode and say:

Me: “You better run muther-fucker, as my boyfriend is right down the street, and he’s going to KICK. YOUR. ASS. !!!”

I then started describing what the creep looked like to my boyfriend on the phone, and the creepy dude gets this horrified look on his face and quickly says,

Creepy dude: “I’m sorry, so sorry, it looks like I have the wrong girl….”

He then starts running away, and as he does that I scream at him:

Me: “Yeah, RUN Forest RUN!”

::::Shiver again:::::

written by Le Anne/San Francisco, CA.

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Maybe Turkeys are the lucky ones…

Thanksgiving at midnight

“You wanna hooker or a stripper? I can get you one cheap.”

submitted by Lauren

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Are You Mr. Subway?

“Girl, you Miss America or something?”

submitted by Julie and Lauren.

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What a specimen

“Hey Females!”

submitted by Lauren & Julie ( a few minutes before we met Mister Subway.)

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H&M: Harassment & Mediocre Clothes

I’m from England. When I came to visit NYC, I fell in love with it, but have never been so harassed in my life. Case in point…

My sister is shopping in H & M. (central Manhatten, middle of the day) I am bored of this so sit down on a chair by the main entrance. A shop assistant materialises and just stands there, staring at me and starts blowing kisses and licking his lips.

him: Hey beautiful
me: er… hey
him: Give me your phone number
me: excuse me, but do I know you?
him: I think you want to
me: No, I really don’t think I do (politest British accent)
him: Give me your number I want to call you
me: why would I do that?
him: because you’re gonna sleep with me tonight
me: Well I suggest you draw my face on your pillow and hump it cause that’s the only way it’s gonna happen. Now FUCK. OFF. before I shout for the store manager (in a much less polite tone, alarming nearby shoppers)

Seriously – who employed this guy!

Embarrassed he walks away, Such a shame I didn’t have my camera to hand!

written by Ruth, UK.

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